Week 4 Reading Response

I found this week’s readings are very useful. In the Robert half Salary Guide, I get to see different position’s salary in the industry and the salary difference between 2020 and 2021. Because of the pandemic, everyone has to stay home more that before, therefore, the online experience became so essential to everyone. As the high demand for the digital design and production field, there are more and more jobs added in digital design and production field.

The project that I am currently working on for my internship is also impacted by the pandemic. Before the pandemic, they used to have the flyers printed out and put them up in campus. Now, we are working on the digital version of the flyers and I will embed the link to the flyers so that once our audience click the button in the flyer, it will lead the audience to the event. Another thing we are working on is come up an idea that make our department get involved in social media.

Week 3 Reading Response

In this week’s reading, Pachter talked about how to politely talk to people during phone call and email, she also mentioned about the important of the social media and how to avoid unprofessional impression through social media platform. Personally, I am not a fan of social media, all of my social media accounts are full of outdated information of mine because I did not update them. One of the reason that I don’t use my social media account is I was busy all the time because of study and work. Recently, I started to update my information because I have to start shaping my professional image for my future career. Nowadays, social media is one of the most important element in our world. Pachter mention that “Social media’s impact on the world has been demonstrated time and again, from its role revolutions to political elections” (Pachter 152). By using social media platform, we know what’s happening in the world, we also get to know our potential clients and customers.

Week 2 Reading Response

This week’s reading is interesting and useful. In Section I Greet Part 2, Pachter gave a lot of different details on how to build a professional image of ourselves. Most things that Pachter mentioned are small details, however these little details are important because these are the key elements that how people see us. For instance, the way we sit on the chair, how we use our hands to talk, and the way we talk to our supervisor or colleague, etc. Patcher also suggested that we should say less “I think” in our conversation, because when a person said “I think,” it showed an uncertainty(Patcher 61). I noticed that I always use “I think” as a filler word and I used this phrase a lot because I was not too sure that I could make it which means I wanted to have an excuse in case I could not make it. After reading this chapter, I should start changing this habit in order to gain my credibility. In addition, I should also start using “I suggest” instead of “I think” when I am expressing my opinion so that my opinion could be a rational suggestion instead of just a thought of mine.