Visual Quote

For the visual quote project, we need to pick a quote and design three versions of the visual quote. When I think of this project, I think I should use a quote that is positive. I picked “Soul full of sunshine” for my project.

For this concept, I used a colorful background and a circle to try to let the viewer think of the sun. I made the word “sunshine” bigger to emphasize the point of the quote.

I used mainly orange for this concept because when I think of the sun, the orange color came to my mind. In this version, I did not use too many elements and skills, I used a hand script type fave to make it more humanization. I also used the pen tool to draw some reflective elements to make typography pop up.

Photo By Negative Space

In this version, I used a background that is peaceful and calm. I put the word “sunshine” right at the sunshine spot. The rest of the words I made them transparent because they are less important. The transparent words are darker and are placed into a dark place while “sunshine” looks bright and placed right at the sunshine spot made a huge contrast.