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For the visual quote project, we need to pick a quote and design three versions of the visual quote. When I think of this project, I think I should use a quote that is positive. I picked “Soul full of sunshine” for my project.

For this concept, I used a colorful background and a circle to try to let the viewer think of the sun. I made the word “sunshine” bigger to emphasize the point of the quote.

I used mainly orange for this concept because when I think of the sun, the orange color came to my mind. In this version, I did not use too many elements and skills, I used a hand script type fave to make it more humanization. I also used the pen tool to draw some reflective elements to make typography pop up.

Photo By Negative Space

In this version, I used a background that is peaceful and calm. I put the word “sunshine” right at the sunshine spot. The rest of the words I made them transparent because they are less important. The transparent words are darker and are placed into a dark place while “sunshine” looks bright and placed right at the sunshine spot made a huge contrast.

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  1. Zijun, all three concepts are strong ideas. Now, we just need to do some more experimenting with your typography. For the first concept, try playing around with different Typefaces. I am not sure the decorative face you used is the right one here. So, try different ones and try experimenting with upper and lower case as well. Think carefully about what words your want to emphasize and whether your treatment of the type does draw the viewer to those words first. Also, don’t forget you could “break out of the circle” as well in this concept.
    With regard to the second concept, this was my favorite one. I like using that seventies feel you went for–try to push that a bit more by playing with some different backgrounds not only a solid and playing with different solid background colors as well.

    The last concept, for me, is very attractive and you did a good job of putting the sunshine in the right place as you noted in your copy.I do think that the photo you selected is serene–you do need to give the photo credit in your copy or in your design itself. Also, I’d like to see you use your own photo for a similar concept. Try to push for what you could do to take an unexpectedly serene image in an urban environment.

    Finally, you need to add quote attribution to all three concepts–that means you need to find a place to put the name of the person who said the quote. This is a design problem for you to resolve.

    You have done excellent work thus far on this project. I’m looking forward to seeing revisions–but don’t remove the early versions.

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