Blog #4 Collaborative Project Experience

In summer, we were assigned to create a Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign to encourage students to get vaccinated. This was a group project and there were 4 of us working on this project. After we got the project brief, we decided to create a discord group chat where we can communicate with each other about the project. We had a hard time choosing what to create, especially me. At that time, I was so used to getting a project from a professor and knowing what I needed to do. I chose a face mask and t-shirt design at the beginning but they did not work well. At the end, with my trainers’ suggestions, I chose to create a web banner which can show up on our school site and a symptom card which students get after vaccination. We only had 3 days to work with this project. Once I had a sketch and draft, I made sure I shared them with my team members and my trainers. We also decided to have a one hour meeting everyday to give each other feedback and suggestions. When I was working on the symptom card, Evelyn was so nice that she helped me with the illustration. I also helped Evelyn to brainstorm her work which was the Zoom background.In the web banner with a real person image, I also asked help from Anai because she was creating the stickers, I decided to have her stickers on the student’s image which make this project more realistic. 

Web Banner
Web Banner
Symptom Card

The project went very well, all of us were happy with what we did. I learned that helping each other is important in terms of teamwork projects. The success of this project is everything is done by different people but somehow they look like they are done by the same person. During the time we were working on this project, we made sure that we had the same style guide and we also helped out each other when they were facing a wall. I appreciate that all of my team members are supportive

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