Week 2 Reading Response

This week’s reading is interesting and useful. In Section I Greet Part 2, Pachter gave a lot of different details on how to build a professional image of ourselves. Most things that Pachter mentioned are small details, however these little details are important because these are the key elements that how people see us. For instance, the way we sit on the chair, how we use our hands to talk, and the way we talk to our supervisor or colleague, etc. Patcher also suggested that we should say less “I think” in our conversation, because when a person said “I think,” it showed an uncertainty(Patcher 61). I noticed that I always use “I think” as a filler word and I used this phrase a lot because I was not too sure that I could make it which means I wanted to have an excuse in case I could not make it. After reading this chapter, I should start changing this habit in order to gain my credibility. In addition, I should also start using “I suggest” instead of “I think” when I am expressing my opinion so that my opinion could be a rational suggestion instead of just a thought of mine.

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