Internship Post 2 – Building Up

I started looking for an internship 2 week prior to taking the class. I wanted to find something in my field that I am really interested in. I kept looking but couldn’t find something that I had passion for until my Professor Stella Nicolau recommended me Haute Living Magazine, it is in midtown (Manhattan). I like the location because I’m always in that area, so It is very convenient for me to commute there.

The same day I sent an email to Greg Concha (my supervisor) at Haute Living Magazine, he replied very quickly and we scheduled my in-person interview. Before coming I have sent Greg my website to review, where I had couple of my best works o. Greg also asked me to bring my resume and portfolio.

My interview went through pretty fast. I only spoke with Greg and I was the only person being interviewed at that time but Greg told me there are two more students that are interested in this position as well.

During my interview Greg asked me couple of questions, like where I’m studying right now, my major, my interests, if I did magazines before, etc. Then, I showed him my portfolio pieces on my iPad, I gave hime a brief explanation for each piece. After that Greg told me more about Haute Living company, he showed me few magazines that they designed, plus he gave me one as a gift to take home so I could get the idea of its layout design.

After my interview I sent Greg an email saying thank you for his time and that I’m interested in becoming a part of this company. Greg replied that I got the position of Graphic Design Intern 🙂