Internship Post 7 – Skills

This week I was doing my regular designs and then Mr. Concha asked me if I know how to work in Adobe Photoshop. I said that I know, this is the program that I’m using regularly for last 5 years, so I know how to do something but in my own way.

Greg gave me this picture (see below) and asked if I can make it longer, because her head and the top of the image are too close to each other. Greg wanted me to add 1 inch or so. At first, I though I wouldn’t be able to do it, because it sounded pretty complicated. But any way, I told Greg I can try to extend the picture.

I had to think for few minutes and make a plan in my head. Then I started doing it, I was done with it in 30m. I was very proud of myself when I showed it to Greg and he liked it! As you can see, every designer has his/her own techniques which they are comfortable to use. Like in my case 😉

Im not going to tell you my “secret” how I did it but I’m going to tell you one thing- you should always show your skills!

P.s.: just a small update, Haute Living Magazine ended up using my edited cover for Miami October/November 2017.