Internship Post 5 – Learning

With week 5 I realize that each time I work in InDesign I become more and more comfortable using this program.

This time I did the new layouts, they had bunches of images of some commercial events, parties and some lifestyle from Miami. There were many images, but I didn’t use all of them, picked the best (in my opinion). Then I needed to read all the text, content, and high light the priority images. This was the first time I handle so many images, it took me a long time to be done with 6 pages.

After that, my supervisor pointed out I didn’t scale the images proportionally and didn’t use the correct information. He told me to redo it. I felt bad about this, because I like to do everything perfectly ;( but anyway I learned that before giving the final piece I should double check it carefully.

Next time I will not do these stupid mistakes again!