Internship Post 1 – About Haute Living Magazine


     On September 12th I got my first internship position in a big company that I was really interested in. I work as a graphic designer for Haute Living Magazine in New York, our office is located on Park Ave and 46th street in Manhattan ( 23o Park Ave, 31st Floor, NY 10169).

Haute Living- is a network of luxury publications with bimonthly regional editions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.

Haute Living Magazine publishes information on celebrities, business magnates, power players and people of important standing in society; as well as leading articles on “toys for boys”, such as: private jets, megayachts, supercars, and timepieces. This magazine also provides advertisers with a medium to reach their targeted audience and operates that provides its readers a source about the luxury lifestyle.

The company distributes magazines through private jet flights and direct mailings to customers and homes in the United States and through placements in private airports, the lobbies of buildings, and the rooms of the hotels internationally. Haute Living Company was incorporated in 2004 and is based in Miami, Florida.

Our distribution puts the magazine in the hands of individuals who are simply not interested in learning about the finest offerings in private jets, yachts, watches, jewelry, real estate,and travel, but actually purchase the most wanted luxury items.

Readers of Haute Living don’t dream of the good life, they live it.