About Me



My name is Yaroslava “Yara” Govorova and I was born in Ukraine, in 1993. I came to the USA eight years ago and now I am completing my Bachelor’s degree at New York City College of Technology, majoring in Communication Design.

Since I was a small girl I had a strong passion to draw and sculpt. In Ukraine I simultaneously studied in both schools: High School and Ukrainian Art School, at age 16 I already had my fisrt diploma.

When I came to New York I never thought of stopping doing Art but I knew that New York is a perfect city for me to become a famous artist and graphic designer.

In the beginning it was hard for me to learn Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign because all my life I have been drawing by hand. I’m so thankful to my professor that taught me those programs during my courses. In the Raster&Vector Graphics class I had enjoyed creating collages and editing photos and in my Type&Media class I enjoyed working on my personal designed brochures. These courses had a significant influence to my career choices.

Also I’m very happy to be in the Honor Scholars program and look forward to work even harder to succeed!