Internship Post 3 – Regular Day

During a regular day I work on designing different layouts for Miami and New York double-spread magazines using Adobe InDesign. Greg (my supervisor) gives me images with text for specific categories in magazine. I use my artistic & creative background to decide where to put them following the original style.

When I come to the office (230 park ave, 31st floor) I always bring my laptop with me to work. Before coming there I buy myself a snack and ice coffee. My typical hours are between 12 pm and 5 pm, and my working days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’ve have been working close with Greg, after I finish he reviews my work and tells me if something needs to be changed/edited and always explains why, so everyday I am learning something new.

The work attire is casual and comfortable clothing. I have a desk in a corner of the main room and work off my own personal laptop to do any work.