Self Evaluation

Jeremy Vessey

During this class and internship I learned many important lesson either about what I should expected going on in the real world. whether it be how to deal with stressful work environment such toxic co workers and bosses. Or dealing with clients that will try to take advantage of your work without paying you. And in the class I learned how to tackle this situations when it comes to a toxic work environment the smart thing when dealing toxic co workers. You need to either worker through with them and if it gets to the point where it’s overbearing. Gather a case and talk to your boss about it and if they still don’t stop contact HR and if everything fails you might want to find a different job.

And in the situation when working with clients I learned you need to make a contract detail the ground rules about you work and payment. The template I was shown and given cover the material in a clear and easy to understand way where no one can simple says they didn’t understand what they signed. Other important lesson that gave me great insight was understanding FCC and FTC. Their organizations are highly important to graphic design the FCC helps when dealing with problems that mess with your work. whether it be internet problems power outage the FCC help get this running quick.

And from the actually internship I learned what skills I had great profession with but what I was also weak at. And when tackling actual project my critical thinking improved when tailoring my project to my client requirements. And I learned how to develop new skills quick to help the company I was working for. This internship showed me in the actual working world of graphic designer things moving fast. And I have to stay up to date on my knowledge of graphic and be flexible to take on challenge to better improve my skills and career.

My link below is about my internship with my company during COMD 4900. During this video I will go over what my company is about. what I did with them over my time with them. As well as what I learned after my time with my internship and what I got better at. And my overall experience doing an internship and what I gained from it.

About Employment Contracts

By Gaberielle Henderson

This may not have come up during my internship but during my internship class went over employment contracts and non-disclosure agreement. This are extremely important things to know these contracts are what every business uses to hire someone. The purposes of these contracts are for one the be a set of guidelines for the employee and the company. And the latter is to a contract that keeps the company secrets and sensitive informations is given out. The employment contract stats what benefits and pay the employee will receive but as well as the responsibilities their are expected to manage. As well the terms the agree to when working for the company in question sometimes even losing certain rights when joined to the company.

I learn that this contracts should be read through very careful you need to know what you are signing and what you are agreeing to. From the employment contract you have to know what benefits you receive and what conditions that have to be met for you to hold the job down. Most company have a 90 day probation where you can be fired for not meeting up with the conditions. And as for the non-disclosure agreement you need to know you can’t release any information about the company or the people in it that wasn’t public knowledge. Meaning if it not on the company official sites you can’t say word about anything you are given or seen.

Managing Workflow

By Andrew Neel

Through my internship I always found myself thinking how am I going to scheduling to get everything done for my school work and internship work. At first my thought process was to try and finish all my school work as soon as possible. And give myself all the time to focus down on my internship work to make the best possible. But this ended up making me feel burnout and sluggish. when it came to reaching the end of my work and lead me to procrastinate in some areas of my school later down the line. And now i’m find myself working harder to make up for that lost time up until recently.

A new strategy I use now is I take my time in the morning and afternoon and get the foundation of my work done. Such doing research or starting and half way completing big projects and light work that can be taken care easily. And I take the rest of the day to relax and organize myself and then at night I pick back up my work and go to bed around four in the morning. It may not be the most health plan but this way has help m turn out more work and deal with my stress. So far i’m on top of all of my classes my only worry is how my senior project will turn out.

Designing in 2022


By Surja Sen Das Raj

Designing nowadays has changed considerably since the past designers have many responsibilities that their clients trust them with. From my own time as an intern i’m given almost full control over what I design. And depending on what I chose to make I have to be carful if I use images or elements that someone else made. If the company use my design and makes any profit for it and the original creator could end up being sued because I used it without consent. There is a huge amount of trust graphic designs must uphold because not only we have to be careful of how we design but how fast we finished the work for the deadline.

I imagine back in the old days intern weren’t allowed such freedom unless the could prove to be highly skilled to work on their own. Other wise you probably help put together an idea that’s already fleshed out and then having your supervisor check your work to see if any changes need to be made. And you probably wouldn’t have been able to work on projects by yourself until you reach a certain skill level. This is how I picture graphic design work being done covid their is a more guide approached to it. But now you need a competent level of skill going into the business to not slow down the progress of the projects.

Ethics project 1B and 2B

In the case of the Fairey Copyright I see how deep a copyright can get when it comes to intellectual property. Mr. Fairey made art the was inspirational and help fight for ideals but even in that case he used images that where under fair use. And he had reproduce and edited the image without the original owner permission in the end no matter how you look at it he stole this property. And trying to make fakes images to cover his tracks was unhanded this means he knew he stole the work instead of it being an accident. The only reason why Mr. Fairey got off easy in this situation was because the clout he work gained. So when he talk it out with The Associated Press the could come terms with a deal for both parties. But for other designers who find themselves in this same situation my not get off as easily if their work is not as well know. This case only further the understanding of giving credit and listening to the guidelines of the original owner its way to protect yourself.

After Reading through the articles and some reflections I would say my perspective  has changed slightly. Some of the information in the articles I already knew to a degree from professors when taking their classes. But not as flesh out as how AIGA explained it now I know the full importance of giving the original owner credit. And my design work will definitely change to give credit to the own because I understand the dangerous of accidental or purposeful  stealing of someone else work.

My past design work has definitely has used free to use images but I didn’t give them credit before believing it’s fine because I never claim to own any of the images. But now that I know how important the credit is to the own I plan to say in the description where the extra images or design comes from if I use any.

Going forward with my career I plan on giving credit to the original owner of images to never have to go through same investigation. And I plan on being more aware of where I find my images as well the code of ethics for design to be careful when designing.


Hope Poster Case Study

AIGA Business Ethics Guide to Copyright

AIGA Business Ethics use of Photography

Ethics project 1A and 2A

Designing with ethics requires the designer to be aware of their decisions when creating different works. If the designer makes their pieces without being aware of the ethics of where the get their resources from such information, images, logos and design elements. This may cause issues for their career as designers and the career of their clients as well.

During my internship I have not been required to sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements. And I know without being said that I can’t make any work I made for the company public knowledge. And that’s because the work I made is for the company benefit and shouldn’t be revealed unless the CEO has given permission. In AIGA terms between client and designer their is a level confidentiality where assets of the company or private information such client list, projects and etc. Can’t be public in fear of a competitor companies from trying to steal the assets of a projects to use in their favor. And besides that it would make the target audience of the company confused on the projects and cause them to misunderstand the information. An example of not being aware non-disclosure situations is Donald trump’s secretary who believe that she was off the recored when speaking with reporters told confidential information that put trump’s youngest daughter in the public eye and caused negative feedback.

When sourcing images I already knew I couldn’t just find any picture online and use it in any of my assignments for my internship. From the start of my career as a designer I got in the practice of using only free use images that allow to design without fear. From AIGA I learned the difference between free use and fair use as I previously mentioned free use are images that have the ability to be edited and reproduced and sold by anyone that uses the image. while Fair use are images that have guidelines made from the original owner and those guidelines are called exclusive rights. Where the image is not allowed to be edited, mass produced, or sold without permission of the original owner of the work.

In terms of ethics I believe I’m following design ethics well and I understand the awareness of what I say, what I design, and what I do with information I’m given. And I will keep in mind these codes in the future of my career.


AIGA Business ethics Clients guide to design

AIGA Business Ethics use of Photography

AIGA Business Guide to Copyright

Working for experience

When most people sign up for an internship their first thoughts are finding one that pays and that understandable if you’re doing actual work you would expect compensation. But working for free has pros as well such as when you’re working for your company and a new position opens you’re one of the first people that brought up. Because you do good work while not being be paid and so thought process someone might take is if you’ll do as good or better work if we’re being paid. Other than that you gaining real experience in the field you applied for and you get known how to work with a team. Then you also get have the ability to network and build connections with other people this can help if you ever go free lance the connections you made can have your name and business spread around quickly. And lastly you may get feedback from the people you work with about you work and can learn on how to improve it further your skills for future use.

In my opinion both working for money and working for free have the pros and cons one you’re paid for the working you and you may be highly consider for a position. But you lose out on networking because you have no reason to if you are already being paid for your work. And working for free you build connections with others and you will be highly consider for a full time job but without being paid you have to find some way to pay bills. And both these options give valuable experience that makes you better for your field it all depends on your situations. Both of these options have good outcomes it’s a matter of what your looking for and how long can you wait to get there.


While working with my company I start to meet many different people either during the online orientations or unveiling event the company has when something new they’re going to make public. While in my internship class I learned networking can open many different doors for the future and making good impression is the first step to doing that. By having a good network if a job you might be interested in becomes available in the future you may be consider for the position depending on how you presented yourself and the work ethic shown to have. And not only with the company you work for if the company works with other companies the might refer you to them for any opening they might have.

The first chance I had at networking was during an unveiling event with my company during the event I got to meet may different people who where in high places in the company and some who recently moved up to high positions. During the unveiling I had the chance to show my thought process and thought on the topic at hand showing myself as a engaged and analytical person. sadly I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself personal to anyone to hand out any business cards or leave a more big impression on anyone. Then unveiling had to keep to a tight schedule do to everyone have limited time being so busy in the company but I learned this are the best setting to get to know others in a company.

First Assignment

Software produced Audio and Translation
By Jason Goodman

During my first week as an intern for my company I was tasked with design application for their scholarship program. This being my first real assignment I put at the top of my list and began to work on it right away. At first I made the mistake of assuming with some of the directions I was given. The client wanted me to replace the black and gold colors of the application as well as the the square elements used in the design. Where I made my assumption was that the client only wanted the first three pages that had the square elements redesign. After I sent what I had in and asked if they wanted to make any changes I was told they wanted the entire application redesign. Thankfully this was still early on in the week where I still had plenty of time. to go back and redo the application.

This experience taught me two lessons starting with if I don’t fully understand the instructions i’m given I should speak up immediately get it clarified. This not only save me time from learning later on I did something wrong and needing to go back and change it. I get the assignment right the first this also helps my client had I waited later to do the assignment and this happened. The client would either have to pushed back the date of when they wanted to send out this application or try and make a make shift application that won’t get all the information they need. Not only wasting the company time but making it harder for those applying to receive aid from the company. To recap I learn speaking up and clarifying what i don’t understand needs to be done as soon as possible and communication is key if I didn’t take the time to send the assignment in earlier and learned of my mistake I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to fix it.

Phone interview

                                                      By Magnet Me

After the wave calamity Covid brought many things were changes in the world from personal lives to business and the country for one example interviews.

When I received the date of the interview I decided to do some research of the company before hand My professor was kind enough to give me link of the company to see their core values and what the company is about. I was Surprised to find out my interview would be over the phone I thought some time during the week I would have been told I would go to an office to talk to my supervisor face to face. But this makes sense ever since covid people would have need any to do interviews without a chance to catch covid so phone and online interview would become the meta. As for the interview my supervisor went over what the company does, what the company beliefs are and what is expected of us as designers.

From my what I was asked about any thoughts had I on on the interview the questions that came to mind were. What hours will we be working on as designers for the company and is they a set deadline for all assignments or do they vary? Would there be anytime that we would need to come to the company actual office for anything? The reason why I ask these questions was because I was trying to plan out my schedule to balance my internship with my other classes. As well keep track of when my internship assignments are do and my school work assignments for my other classes.