About Employment Contracts

By Gaberielle Henderson

This may not have come up during my internship but during my internship class went over employment contracts and non-disclosure agreement. This are extremely important things to know these contracts are what every business uses to hire someone. The purposes of these contracts are for one the be a set of guidelines for the employee and the company. And the latter is to a contract that keeps the company secrets and sensitive informations is given out. The employment contract stats what benefits and pay the employee will receive but as well as the responsibilities their are expected to manage. As well the terms the agree to when working for the company in question sometimes even losing certain rights when joined to the company.

I learn that this contracts should be read through very careful you need to know what you are signing and what you are agreeing to. From the employment contract you have to know what benefits you receive and what conditions that have to be met for you to hold the job down. Most company have a 90 day probation where you can be fired for not meeting up with the conditions. And as for the non-disclosure agreement you need to know you can’t release any information about the company or the people in it that wasn’t public knowledge. Meaning if it not on the company official sites you can’t say word about anything you are given or seen.

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