Managing Workflow

By Andrew Neel

Through my internship I always found myself thinking how am I going to scheduling to get everything done for my school work and internship work. At first my thought process was to try and finish all my school work as soon as possible. And give myself all the time to focus down on my internship work to make the best possible. But this ended up making me feel burnout and sluggish. when it came to reaching the end of my work and lead me to procrastinate in some areas of my school later down the line. And now i’m find myself working harder to make up for that lost time up until recently.

A new strategy I use now is I take my time in the morning and afternoon and get the foundation of my work done. Such doing research or starting and half way completing big projects and light work that can be taken care easily. And I take the rest of the day to relax and organize myself and then at night I pick back up my work and go to bed around four in the morning. It may not be the most health plan but this way has help m turn out more work and deal with my stress. So far i’m on top of all of my classes my only worry is how my senior project will turn out.

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