Self Evaluation

Jeremy Vessey

During this class and internship I learned many important lesson either about what I should expected going on in the real world. whether it be how to deal with stressful work environment such toxic co workers and bosses. Or dealing with clients that will try to take advantage of your work without paying you. And in the class I learned how to tackle this situations when it comes to a toxic work environment the smart thing when dealing toxic co workers. You need to either worker through with them and if it gets to the point where it’s overbearing. Gather a case and talk to your boss about it and if they still don’t stop contact HR and if everything fails you might want to find a different job.

And in the situation when working with clients I learned you need to make a contract detail the ground rules about you work and payment. The template I was shown and given cover the material in a clear and easy to understand way where no one can simple says they didn’t understand what they signed. Other important lesson that gave me great insight was understanding FCC and FTC. Their organizations are highly important to graphic design the FCC helps when dealing with problems that mess with your work. whether it be internet problems power outage the FCC help get this running quick.

And from the actually internship I learned what skills I had great profession with but what I was also weak at. And when tackling actual project my critical thinking improved when tailoring my project to my client requirements. And I learned how to develop new skills quick to help the company I was working for. This internship showed me in the actual working world of graphic designer things moving fast. And I have to stay up to date on my knowledge of graphic and be flexible to take on challenge to better improve my skills and career.

My link below is about my internship with my company during COMD 4900. During this video I will go over what my company is about. what I did with them over my time with them. As well as what I learned after my time with my internship and what I got better at. And my overall experience doing an internship and what I gained from it.