City Winery

I want to take the opportunity to thank Professor Dias, Professor Goodlad, Professor Dagorn, Bill and David from City Winery as well as the Julia Childs foundation for this great opportunity. Although the trip did not go as planned as to going through the grape crushing process I still very much enjoyed the informative power point lecture David had prepare to share with us. Who would of thought that it is possible to make wine in the city of New York. An experience that I will value for the rest of my career in the Hospitality industry, not only will I be able to explain the wine making process in better depth but it will also help me analyze and understand wine. The tour of the winery was enjoyable walking through the dining area to the cellar was really cool, literally I wanted to grab my jacket but it was worth it because I got to see the wines aging in oak barrels. It was interesting to taste and analyze a Riesling that had only a few days of fermentation in stainless tanks. An amazing experience I will never forget.

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