The WInner is….

Spicy Brooklyn and Charlies Angels have won! They wil be served in the dining room. Spicy Brooklyn won because it has soft tannins, balanced, smokey and has spice to it. Charlies Angel won because of its low tannins, ready to drink, jammyness, long finish and elegance. We now split up into 2 groups and making both blends.

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4 Responses to The WInner is….

  1. I really enjoyed both wines. I would definetly buy! But my favorite was Spicy Brooklyn because it was really well balanced, dry and had a great spice flavor

  2. Lyne says:

    Honestly I think we were all awesome today. We could have pleased different customers with different tastes since each wine had its own characteristics. Isn’t it amazing how we were able to work in teams and create one specific blend per team while each teamate has his/her own preference? I cannot wait to go to City Winery next week and learn the crush and press process.

  3. Hongjiesu says:

    It was hard to choose the best wine out of 5 blended wines; because they are all have different attraction. And in the end I was struggle to decide from Spicy Brooklyn and Charlies Angels because these two wine were especially good. Charlies Angels was really well balanced and Spicy Brooklyn is balanced with a little bit spice.

  4. hsrtyuksel says:

    This is why wines are tricky because everyone has a preference. Some may like dry and spicey others prefer fruity. It sure is dificult to please everyone as to what they like and want. All wines were good in there own different way. Interestingly, all five bottles had different charateristics in their own way. Well done class!

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