Cabernet Petit 2012 (Group #4)

Creating our new wine was based on being able to drink the wine today. We were trying to make sure the dining room would be able to drink the wine today so we aimed for a fruit forward, low tannins, medium viscosity wine. After knowing what we wanted and tasting each individual blend we decided to take away the tannins from the Cabernet. We still wanted it to be Cabernet so we made sure it was still 75%. We all liked the subtle less tannin wines number 2 and 3 were our first choices. They were Petit Syrah and Petit Verdot. We initially blended the Cabernet and the Petit Syrah. We all liked the subtlety and the low tannins in this one. After tasting this blend we didn’t like it because we still tasted the cabernets tannins. We then mixed it with the initial blend with the petit Verdot. This was our winning blend! It was fruit forward, had some spiciness, it had tannins but not too strong. It had a brick red dark and a pinkish hue. After presenting it to all the professors we were all very proud of the new blend.

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2 Responses to Cabernet Petit 2012 (Group #4)

  1. Ruthie says:

    It was really hard to come up with a blend that we all loved but we made it happen and I’m so proud of the blend we came up with. I enjoyed class on Monday I learned a lot and experience a one in a life time opportunity.

  2. JadeLegere says:

    To come up with a wine that my group and I all enjoyed was extremely tough especially because most of us don’t enjoy wine. We knew we wanted something light, but that was a challenge considering the varietals that we were given had strong smoky flavors. In the end we did come up with something and we called it Petit Cabernet because we used the petit varietals.

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