City Winery

Visiting City Winery was one the best experience I had in the hospitality industry. I am a huge fan of wine, and see how it’s made was amazing. I was really impressed to see how small the grapes were, and how expense they cost. I did not like the taste of the grape, however I really enjoyed the taste of the grape juice. I was surprised to learn that the grapes are not “crushed”, and to learn the main difference between red and white wines. Also, It was a great learning experience to see so close how the grapes get “crushed”, fermented, and turned into wine in the middle of NYC.

I have been to City Winery before as I costumer, but to go behind the scene and see how the process works and to see every step that takes to make a wine is priceless. I can’t wait to go back there and try more wines.

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