City Winery

City Winery was one of the best experience that I had. It was pretty fun hearing about wine making and actually seeing how it is made. The pressing of the grapes, how grapes are kept hydrated. The best part was tasting the wine. My favorite was the Riesling, perhaps because it taste like candy. For the first time I had tasted cabernet sauvignon grape.

David was very helpful he took the time to spend tiem with us and explain to us how the whole procedure works. He showed us around. I honestly did not even know there was wine on draft that I happened to find interesting. The tables made out of cork was fabolous. I am actually looking forward to go back and have a glass of wine on draft.

P.S.: Right after class I went to work and I had a guest who apperently works at City Winery and I was telling her about the experience I had that very day. Such a small world.


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I always knew I was a people's person. Always enjoyed spending time, talking to people and learn many new and interesting things from them. Basically, learning and providing them what I know.
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