Charlie’s Angels Wine!

For the first time in our Wines of the New World class, we were given the opportunity to blend and create our own wine today and we had so much fun doing that. It was interesting to see how we were able to agree on a final wine while we had so many different palates/tastes in the group.

Laliza and Kathy were looking for more fruity notes and very low tannins while I (Lyne) like my wines spicy with medium tannins and Hasret wanted some good acidity in her wine. Altogether, we were able to blend our final mixture (after six ones that we were not wowed by), and surprisingly we loved it and even the class picked our wine as one of the best.

For the “concoction” we used 80% of Cabernet Sauvignon which was our base wine, 10% of the Merlot for its beautiful fruitiness on the nose and palate, 5% of Cabernet Franc for some acidity/balance and finally 5% of Petite Syrah for its gorgeous deep color and tannins.  We are curious to see how this wine would taste after some aging but we are confident that it will develop more elegance, aroma and flavor with more time.

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6 Responses to Charlie’s Angels Wine!

  1. Elegnce Indeed! This was the wine my group picked and it was great. It was well balanced, and still had that spicy kick to it. Your work paid off, I like how you were all able to find a median.

  2. Lyne says:

    Thank you very much Raymond, today was so fun!

  3. kkathia123 says:

    It took us 5 or 6 different blends in order to come up with this delightful blend “Charlie’s Angel”. I’m glad that we (Laliza, Lyne, Hasret and I) worked together to blend a wine that satisfied our different palates. We did an excellent job as a group! Thank you!

  4. Ruthie says:

    This wine was wonderful. The blend was a perfect combination that everyone loved. You guys really did a great job. This wine would really sell a lot if it was out in the market. I loved it.

  5. hsrtyuksel says:

    Indeed we enjoyed the process of blending and “wine making.” However, during this experiment I found out that I personally am underestanding wine and what I like or am liking. I say this because I am not a wine fan but now a days I actually drink a glass or two. For example, our first attempt, obviously was not it. There was something missing. It felt boring when dranked; tasted better yet.
    Thank you group for having us come up with a balanced wine!

  6. lalizazhu says:

    I am so glad everyone loved it! Like Lyne and Kathia have already said, we blended over 5 different wines and we all put a little of us into it. It was not an easy job and every group struggled but each worked hard as team and came out with their favorite blended wine. Good job everyone!

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