City Winery

Grape juice tasting

Visiting City Winery was a once in a life time experience. It was delightful to learn about the process of making wine from a professional who does it daily. Mr. David took the time to explain with details every step that is involved in the process of making red and white wines. In addition, it was fascinating to be able to hear when the yeast is converting the juice into wine; to see the real color of the juice after the final product; and to taste the juice before converted to wine. In conclusion, in this field trip I learnt that making wine is not as easily as we imagine. In order to make a well-balanced wine we must be knowledgeable about the three components of wine: tannin, acidity and sugar and how to incorporate the three of them in a bottle of wine.

Thank you so much Prof. Goodlad, Prof. Dagorn and Prof. Dias for making this field trip possible.

Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes

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