Mic Check 1,2,3…LOL! Hey there, it’s Michelle a.k.a Mimi. I would like for you all to know that being your head chef was such an honor. I would like to thank each and everyone for helping to produce such a wonderful production. Today, you all defined the true meaning of teamwork; you should all be proud of yourselves.

Today as a unit you helped to produce a variety of brittles, a few crunches, and candies. You helped produce the following Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Peanut Brittle, Coconut Brittle, Cocoa Nib Brittle, Pecan Chipotle Brittle, Golden Honey Brittle, Butter Almond Crunch, Hazel Butter Crunch, English Toffee w/ Pecans, and Sesame Seed Candy. 



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