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Chocolate Bark & Candied Fruits

Good day ladies;

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for their cooperation, and the effort placed into making my time as your head chef memorable.  Today we successfully produced different variation of chocolate bark. Throughout production we had fun while learning about chocolate tempering and chocolate barks. Most importantly we worked as a unit and exhibited great team work.

Once again thank you for making my experience as student chef a memorable one.  I look forward to working with and making more delicious candies and memories  with you lovely ladies.


Professor Warner doing a demo on how to temper chocolate

Tabling Chocolate

Cooling the chocolate to 81-87 degrees F

Chocolate that has bloomed

Tabling white chocolate

Melting dark chocolate to 113-122 degrees F

Melting milk chocolate to 104-113 degrees F

Ladies having fun crushing pepper mint candy

Setting white chocolate rice crispy nuts and apricot bark

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Dark Chocolate Ginger Bark

Cranberry Pistachio Bark

Spicy Milk, Cherry Nut Bark

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Double layered cranberry pistachio bark

Presentation Table

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Week 9: Chocolate Bark and Draining Candied Fruits

Tempering Chocolate



Tempering White Chocolate

Spicy Milk Cherry Almond Bark

Cranberry Pistachio Bark With Layered Milk and Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Bark Variety


Candied Grapefruit Rinds

Drying Candied Fruits

Candied Orange Rinds

Candied Pineapple


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Marshmallow & Candied Fruits, Citrus Rinds, and Ginger

Hey ladies and ladies,


Sorry about the late post but here is what you all have been waiting for.

Last week, we made marshmallows and candied fruits & citrus rinds. Unfortunately, we are unable to taste the candied fruits & citrus rinds we made, but hopefully, we will get to taste those when we come back a week after our field trip.

Never the less, we still get to taste and present various flavor of marshmallows. We made vanilla, mint, cassis, orange blossom, and rose blossom. In addition to that selection – since we have extra time – we also made egg-less chocolate marshmallow and strawberry-lychee marshmallow. All marshmallow comes out good in texture especially the egg-less and the strawberry-lychee, although they might be a little sticky than the other because we do not have enough time to let them set longer. The flavor came out to be quite daring as well.


Here is our production of the day::::

cooking sugar right off the bat for the marshmallows



mixing the egg whites after the sugar syrup hits 240F


combining cooked syrup to the whites


adding the flavor!!


just keep mixing….mixing……mixing……

when it is cooled and still at workable texture




spread until the surface is smooth like the picture below

Here – temporary – ends the production of marshmallow


Here starts the production of candying

Cutting and trimming the EYES O-O


Peeling skins of ginger


she just can’t that the sourness…i guess…


finish product after peeling all those grapefruits


Cooking the rinds again and again and again and again and again … that’s again x5


Cooking in process (left to right) Candied Pineapple – Candied Citrus (grapefruits, i think) rinds, Candied Ginger


That’s candied pineapple            and        That’s candied grapefruit rinds   and      that’s candied orange rinds


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Demo Time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chef demo cutting first strip – approximate size

here it is *the first strip*

after cutting in square ~ tossed in cornstarch x confection sugar ~ so they don’t stick together


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Demo Ended ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Here are the *MASS PRODUCTION* of the products


Orange blossom


Strawberry – Lychee




Hence the presentation of the day’s production:



Overview from the front                       AND                     Overview from the top


plates for the Staff and Faculties



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Hi Nougats. week 6

Dear Class,

I really appreciate the efforts that all of you have put to your teams and to our class for the productions of this week. I know it is not just about the effort that you put during the class. All of you have spent extra time to study the recipes, which ensured that everything was going as smoothly as possible during the production.

We have also experienced some troubles during the production, such as super sticky soft chocolate nougat and over-toasted inclusions. These troubles gave some of us hard times but we were encouraged to solve the problems by the supports from Professor Warner and our classmates. I think experiencing the production and solving problems made us became more familiar with confections like nougats. I’m looking forward to experiencing rest of the class’ productions with all of you.

Product Displayed by Each Team

Placing small kitchen Aid in a cooler area to cool the mixture faster

The nougat mixture broke the whisk

Checking it also means snacking it

They look like to each other because they were cooked by same person

steadily pour the melted chocolate into the whites mixture. Cherry Chocolate

It is Rice Paper

Aggressively mix the nougat base with melted chocolate. Soft Chocolate

Covering rice paper onto the nougat

cut products

lining up the products in order to count them easier

waiting to get covered by
white chocolate

Torrone was almost ready to cut

Nice picture shoot by Van

Thanks Team E

coving them with chocolate was a last minutes decision that we made to solve problems.

It was so sticky to cut, but we made it


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Mic Check 1,2,3…LOL! Hey there, it’s Michelle a.k.a Mimi. I would like for you all to know that being your head chef was such an honor. I would like to thank each and everyone for helping to produce such a wonderful production. Today, you all defined the true meaning of teamwork; you should all be proud of yourselves.

Today as a unit you helped to produce a variety of brittles, a few crunches, and candies. You helped produce the following Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Peanut Brittle, Coconut Brittle, Cocoa Nib Brittle, Pecan Chipotle Brittle, Golden Honey Brittle, Butter Almond Crunch, Hazel Butter Crunch, English Toffee w/ Pecans, and Sesame Seed Candy. 



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