Hi Nougats. week 6

Dear Class,

I really appreciate the efforts that all of you have put to your teams and to our class for the productions of this week. I know it is not just about the effort that you put during the class. All of you have spent extra time to study the recipes, which ensured that everything was going as smoothly as possible during the production.

We have also experienced some troubles during the production, such as super sticky soft chocolate nougat and over-toasted inclusions. These troubles gave some of us hard times but we were encouraged to solve the problems by the supports from Professor Warner and our classmates. I think experiencing the production and solving problems made us became more familiar with confections like nougats. I’m looking forward to experiencing rest of the class’ productions with all of you.

Product Displayed by Each Team

Placing small kitchen Aid in a cooler area to cool the mixture faster

The nougat mixture broke the whisk

Checking it also means snacking it

They look like to each other because they were cooked by same person

steadily pour the melted chocolate into the whites mixture. Cherry Chocolate

It is Rice Paper

Aggressively mix the nougat base with melted chocolate. Soft Chocolate

Covering rice paper onto the nougat

cut products

lining up the products in order to count them easier

waiting to get covered by
white chocolate

Torrone was almost ready to cut

Nice picture shoot by Van

Thanks Team E

coving them with chocolate was a last minutes decision that we made to solve problems.

It was so sticky to cut, but we made it


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