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Week 4

I’ll first like to say thank you for a fun and productive class. I appreciate the team spirit displayed by all of you. I think we work well together…don’t you? I look forward to the rest of the semester with you.

On Tuesday we caramelised and crystallized. We made sweet caramels, nice smooth fudge and crunchy pralines. I’m sure you enjoyed it as much as I did. (I promise I didn’t eat the entire box). The final products was spectacular and I think we all deserve a pat on our backs. Professor Warner on behalf of the class thank you for passing on your knowledge of delectable treats. Again well done class.

Oh fudge!!

The sweet life!!

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Just beat it!!

Let’s fudge!!

Pure sweetness!

When it’s not too hot…you need to cut it…cut it, cut it, cut it.

Proof that teamwork is necessary. Van beating the fudge while Michelle C. does the costing…good work guys.

Sweet box.

Assembly line.

Nutty situation.

Smooth deliciousness!

Ready for market!

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Candies and Bonbons Week#3

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for a successful class and for working as a team. This was week  three productions and  although we ran into some problems tempering chocolate we were successful by trying it again and fixing our mistakes. 

Today, in class we made Orange Almond Turkish delight, Cardamom Turkish delight, Rose Turkish delight, Marble Halvah, Pistachio Halvah, Mocha Green Tea Meltaways, Praline Meltways, Mint Meltaways, Peanut Butter Meltaways, and Cassis Pate De Fruit We also made some inventive ideas such as White Mint Meltaways and Tropical Pate de Fruit.

Orange Almond Turkish delight

Cardamon Turkish delight

Rose Turkish delight

Pistachio Halvah

Marble Halvah

Peanut Butter Meltaways

Mocha Green Tea Meltaways

Mint Meltaways

Praline Meltaways

Cassis Pate de Fruit

White Mint Meltaways

Tropical and Cassis Pate de Fruit

Final Presentations. What a great class!!

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Candies and Bonbons Week 2 Production

Good Evening Class!

Mariama here! Before I start posting the wonderful pictures I took today, I want to thank each and everyone of you for a wonderful class. Production was very smooth and we had no hiccups except for not receiving the dates but we were still able to turn that negative into a positive thanks to Professor Warner!

This week our groups made Czech and German Chocolate Truffles, Coconut and Almond candy, Apricot and Coconut Rolls, Chili-Choco sweets, Polish Walnut Salami, Apfelkugeln/Apple Balls and Striped Marzipan Candies each group worked as a team and was very efficient in production and other classmates stepped up to help as well.



Polish Walnut Salami


Coconut Almond Candy









Apple Balls 


Chili-Choco Sweets


Apricot and Coconuts Rolls 


Marzipan Striped Candies


German Chocolate Truffles 


German Truffles


Final Presentation and Packaging of Products


P.S if you guys have any additional pictures you will like to share with the class, post them in the comments

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