Week 13- Truffles & Filled Chocolates

Hello everyone! Thank you all for your hard work during yesterday’s production. It was a long day of production since we had a lot to do, and although some team members were absent, we still managed to pull through. During yesterday’s lesson we learned how to make flavored truffles, and how to make filled chocolates using chocolate molds. Because our final practical is already next week (I know, Time flew by),  this was great practice to get familiar with the techniques and molds.

Filled chocolates: Hazelnut & Praline, Creamy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Bourbon, Red Rose & Caribbean Cocktail.

Truffles: Gingerbread, Giandujia, Black Forest, Caribbean Cocktail & Cinnamon.

Chef Warner explaining how to work the chocolate molds.

Chocolates setting.

Filling bonbons.

Truffles being rolled in cocoa powder.

Truffles being dipped in tempered chocolate.

Ganache filling.

Ganache being piped for truffles.

Tempering chocolate on marble.

Ginger Bread Truffle.

Cinnamon Truffle.

Creamy Peanut Butter.

Hazelnut & Praline.

Caribbean Cocktail Truffle.

Chocolate Bourbon.

Giandujia Truffle.

Caribbean Cocktail.

Black Forest Truffle.

Red Rose.

Cinnamon Truffle.

Final Product.

Great work ladies!

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