Week 12 – Mozart Kuglen and Dipping Candies into tempered chocolates

Chef Warner teaching us how to dip the rounded hazelnut marzipan into the tempered chocolate with a dipping tool.

Juane is dipping the hazelnut marzipan into the tempered milk chocolate.

Almond Joy were cut into rectangle and shaped nicely, then it’s getting coated with tempered white chocolate.

A lot of Almond Joy covered in white chocolate.

Some Almond Joys were covered in milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

The Pistachio marzipan were rolled into small balls in the last class and now are getting dipped into tempered dark chocolate.

Angela is rolling out the Pistachio Marzipan.

Chef Warner wrapping the Pistachio marzipan onto the nougat.

More nougat being covered with pistachios marzipan.

Mozart Kuglen part 1, once all the nougat is covered in pistachio marzipan, it is dipped into milk chocolate.

Mozart Kuglen part 2, after the milk chocolate is firm it is coated with dark chocolate.

White chocolate is getting tempered.

Tempered white chocolate being spread onto the chocolate ganache.

Once the white chocolate was solid/firm, it was being cut as evenly as possible.

All the cut chocolate acetate sheet squares are place on top and later taken off to leave behind the design.

Some ganache chocolate were dipped with dark chocolate and topped with a nicely slice piece of candied orange.

All of our products plated.

Hello ladies ,

Thank you all for your determination and effort during yesterday’s production; Student chef Yvelys and I are greatful that everyone showed professionalism and finished all the products on time, even though not all of the teams were in attendance.   Like what Yvelys said, this week we are continuing to review and practice tempering chocolate. We also learned how to dip in candies in chocolate using dipping tools. Each team tempered chocolate and dipped the chocolate into their assigned recipes, such as: Almond Joy, Ganache Chocolate, Pistachio, and Hazelnut Marzipan Balls. The Almond Joy filling and the Mozart Kuglen was prepared the previous week we prepared the previous week. Here are some of the photos taken during production. Thank you once again and amazing team work!!

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