The relationship between happiness and sex

The goal of this paper is to make a reader gain a new perspective on the relationship between sex and an individual’s happiness. When asking about what feelings are related to sex, a person often answers good, or happy. Many wonder why this connection is so often made. This paper will explore this idea through a series of online articles and studies. This level of importance is seen in teenagers and adults lifetime. What is more surprising is the age that people are starting to have sex, as early as 13. But nobody really understands why. It is easy to say that teenagers don’t make the right decisions that they don’t look at the long term situation and only focus on the temporary feelings it may produce. But it is difficult to comprehend why, and that’s what this paper is aimed to do, to help the audience comprehend the why’s.
This topic interest me because teen pregnancy was something I saw a lot in my high school and I always thought why engage in risky sexual behavior that has serious consequences. When asking my 16 year old friend, she answered because she wanted to make her boyfriend happy. This statement left me thinking, does sex really make a person happy? Or is it something else? Why is sex advertised so much now a days? Birth control and free condoms are available for easy access to adolescence. There are so many factors that come along with sex, if a person expects to receive happiness from having sex, you might be let down. So I want to look at all these ideas and see why the feelings are associated. Also I feel like this is the elephant in the room while people think about it, talking about it may sometimes be awkward but definitely necessary.

Dr.Charles. Schmitz, Elizabeth.” Why touch is so important in a loving marriage”. Huffingpost.2013
This article speaks on the relationship between happy couples and sex. The emphasis is put on sex, stating its necessary for a successful and happy couple. The article speaks on why this is, with evidence from a study conducted on happy couples. It explains why affection and touch from another person is essential to a person feeling good. The article is written to highlight sex as something good and necessary to a happy couple.