How music affects teenagers behavior towards society

After a lot of thought and brainstorming I finally came to a decision that I wanted to my topic to be on something to about music. I knew it had to be really specific and precise so I continued to think about what area would I like to learn more about that has to deal with music. As I was on my way home a couple of days ago I saw a group of teenagers listening to rap music and they were behaving in a crazy and somewhat hostile manner. I then thought to myself I should research how music affects teenagers behavior towards society. sometimes music can have a bad or a good influence on people especially teenagers. In high school my friends were always listening to music and would go around saying quotes from the songs. For example Chris Brown wrote a song about females not being loyal, ever since then boys or guys would go around saying that girls aren’t loyal so don’t trust them.

When you look around most of the time when you see teenagers they are always listening to music. Everyone of them having their own personal preference of what style of music they like. Some of them you see are dressed in all black and listening to goth and others you may see are dressed with snap backs, Jordans and white tees listening to rap.

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After I finally figured out what I wanted my topic to be I started to do some research. It honestly didn’t take me much time to find article or website that I liked because I went through the first couple of them I found interest in this one. This article talks about how certain music can define who a person is. It says that you can tell a person’s mood by the type of music that they are listening too. I agree with that because when I’m sad I don’t listen to songs that would make me dance but I listen to songs that  are slow and depressing. What I mainly love about this article is that it says, teens hangout or cling to other teens who like the same style music as them. That is also true because you would hardly see a person who likes country music hanging out with somebody who likes rock. It’s not something that is done on purpose but it’s something that is done naturally. They wouldn’t do that because like article also states teens would always be disagreeing with watch genre of music is right or what genre music is wrong. As teens they may not know how to really express themselves in the right way at times. I know when I was a teen I always listened to music that had a con ection to my mood. If I was in a mood where I didn’t want to talk to anyone I would listen to rap music so loud that you wouldn’t be able to hear yourself talk. The article mentions that music helps teens show emotions and express there feelings in way they sometimes can’t so by themselves. This article was a little short but gave me a basic outlook on my topic. I feel that from here on I will find even more interesting articles about my topic.