Visions of well-being NYC

In Bill De Blasio’s primary victory speech he discusses various points in making New York City a better living for its citizens. He addresses to current situations that needed to be solved. De Blasio mentions how New Yorkers should all stick together and support one another, he believed that as society they should stick together to make a better life and living for one another. He also discusses about the pro active policing became racial profiling, the wealthy are supported from the great recession while half of New York citizens are living in poverty and parents who are not able to support their children will not be able to obtain a college education (17:23) . His hopes is to make New York a better place to live and get it back to how it used to be where everyone was for another ,and stood up for each.

He believes there was a time when New Yorkers supported each other and helped each other throughout any circumstance, such as September 11, when it wasn’t about race, color, ethnicity, it was all about survival, and helping each other get through a horrifying tragic. In the year of 2000/2001 was when people helped one another without any questions asked or economic stability, race or anything else. De Blasio also believes that all children should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential because they don’t have many opportunities because of their parents. De blasio mentions how the wealthy who makes half a million dollars or more are being asked to pay a little more in taxes, to fund in after school programs and pre-k, but the wealthy think that is a bit too much to do. De Blasio disagrees and goes on to mention why it’s necessary and is important because he felt we should dedicate ourselves to each other and it’s a risk that they can’t afford to take. (16:02-17:00).

De Blasio states New York as a tale of two cities (10:46) the rich and the poor, but De Blasio is for the poor, he is trying to make a change in how society live and wants to have equal opportunities between the rich and poor. He believes New York can go back to being a city where everyone cares for one another and have each other’s shoulders to lean on. He wants the city where he is trying to re-create and re-establish, by tackling the current problems that burdens New Yorkers and solving them it will eventually equal to our well-being and happiness. He believes that New Yorkers have come too far to go behind.

In Joe Lhota’s primary victory speech he speaks on unifying the city and making the public and government go hand in hand. Lhota believes that everyone in the city has more in common rather than differences. When speaking about the common desires for more of the people he mentions safer streets, proper education for children for a better future, good paying jobs to secure food and shelter for their families and a better life. Lhota believes that New York is on the right path and wants it to continue. Something major Lhota talks about is Crimes. He discusses that crimes are at its lowest points, but noticed that the economy is expanding and large industries are providing good paying job which is what they are rooting for. Throughout his speech he not only makes his view point of things, but also made sure to hear another point of view that the audience is aware of the other parties of what he believes and others. He believes that stop and frisk should continue and that New Yorkers should support NYPD in order to have safer streets. Also he wants children have a good strong education, just as Bill De Blasio, but believes parents should be involved in the process with their child. Lhota states that he can bring the city together so that we can have a stronger foundation and get things done.