There’s No Place Like New Orleans

I can confidently say that there is no place on Earth like New Orleans, Louisiana. From the minute I got off the plane, there was something different about the air. That’s when I realized that we basically just landed in a swamp. The city was humid, muggy, muddy, and so foggy that we didn’t even know the plane had reached the ground until we heard the thud. But besides that, there was something else. It was the music, and the scent of the food and alcohol that filled the air of “The City That Care Forgot.” During my stay down south, I ate Po’ boys and fried chicken, drank the infamous New Orleans Hand Grenade cocktail (among several other drinks), visited some alligators in the bayous, jammed to some street music, and talked to a lot of strangers (who are some of the nicest people in this universe). I also spent far too much money, but ultimately, every penny was worth it. Here are some pictures from my journey to New Orleans, although these images don’t quite do this place justice. This is an affordable, must-visit destination for all travel/adventure/alcohol enthusiasts at City Tech.

a horse pulling a passenger carriage

The French Quarter.

five street musicians

The street music was probably my favorite thing about this city.

pedestrians on Bourbon Street at night

A glimpse of the night life on Bourbon Street.

ducks on a pond, swimming under a stone bridge

a swamp tree with hanging moss

An utterly horrifying tree that almost ate us during a swamp tour.

an alligator in a marsh

Fun fact: Alligators really love marshmallows. (Don’t wear white)