There’s No Place Like New Orleans

I can confidently say that there is no place on Earth like New Orleans, Louisiana. From the minute I got off the plane, there was something different about the air. That’s when I realized that we basically just landed in a swamp. The city was humid, muggy, muddy, and so foggy that we didn’t even know the plane had reached the ground until we heard the thud. But besides that, there was something else. It was the music, and the scent of the food and alcohol that filled the air of “The City That Care Forgot.” During my stay down south, I ate Po’ boys and fried chicken, drank the infamous New Orleans Hand Grenade cocktail (among several other drinks), visited some alligators in the bayous, jammed to some street music, and talked to a lot of strangers (who are some of the nicest people in this universe). I also spent far too much money, but ultimately, every penny was worth it. Here are some pictures from my journey to New Orleans, although these images don’t quite do this place justice. This is an affordable, must-visit destination for all travel/adventure/alcohol enthusiasts at City Tech.

a horse pulling a passenger carriage

The French Quarter.

five street musicians

The street music was probably my favorite thing about this city.

pedestrians on Bourbon Street at night

A glimpse of the night life on Bourbon Street.

ducks on a pond, swimming under a stone bridge

a swamp tree with hanging moss

An utterly horrifying tree that almost ate us during a swamp tour.

an alligator in a marsh

Fun fact: Alligators really love marshmallows. (Don’t wear white)

Live and Travel Well

It’s just about the end of 2016. I’m always filled with joy during this time of the year, but simultaneously I’m a little bummed out. It’s great that a semester of hard work is finally over, the holiday season is in full effect, and although the weather is harsh, there’s a festive, happy feeling flowing through the air. It’s impossible not to smile during December in New York City. What makes me sad is that there’s so much I want to do, and time seems to be quickly slipping away from me the older I get. The end of the year is a constant reminder that we’re one year closer to getting gray, but most importantly it’s also a reminder that we’ve been blessed with living another year. Unfortunately life itself is the thing we take for granted the most. For a lot of people, 2016 was a tough year. But even with all its flaws, 2016 has personally and professionally been one of the most successful, productive years in my life. Not only have I been blessed with another year of living, but several doors of opportunity knocked, and I kicked them all open.
One of the biggest opportunities I got this year was simply being able to travel. I was granted with the determination to visit places locally around the city, and then I was granted with the time and money to leave the mainland for a couple of days for the first time. In this post, where I went and what I did isn’t important, it’s the act of going that’s important. As a human being, I think it’s essential that as long as we live and have the drive, it’s our job to explore the world surrounding us. There are so many places to go, people to meet, things to eat, and facts to learn. The fact that you are living, consciously able to read and understand what I’m saying to you right now in this exact moment in time is a gift. I think we should experience as much as we possibly can in what little time we have. That doesn’t mean you need a plane ticket, a car, a bike, or even legs for that matter. All you need is a brain and a heart. And maybe a cell phone in case you get lost. You could go with your loved ones, with your friend(s), or alone. You could go to a restaurant in town that you’ve never been to, or you could go to a museum that’s halfway around the world. As long as you have the opportunity, I challenge you to go somewhere.

an old, narrow, cobblestone street with pastel buildings and a U.S. mailbox

Puerto Rico

an airplane view of an island

St. Thomas

Beauties of the Hudson River Valley

The Hudson River Valley is home to some of the most beautiful scenery that New York has to offer, especially during the fall season. Before I came to City Tech, I used to go to college in Upstate New York. Never taking a moment for granted, I always appreciated my time there. Being in a rural town amongst the mountains was a nice change from being in an urban city amongst giant skyscrapers. The air, colors, mountains, flora, and atmosphere are all quite the opposite of everything we see down in the city. It’s a beautiful area, but personally it’s the friendships and memories that call for my occasional return to the Hudson River Valley. Here’s what I had the pleasure of seeing during my last trip.


a mountain top on a foggy day

orange mountains lit in sunlight

fuchsia and green leaves, up-close

a sun-lit fieldorange and dark purple leaves, close-up

Peek Through The Eyes of an Adventure

Greetings! My name is Evans Alexandre, I’m a twenty-two year old senior at City Tech majoring in Communication Design. I was born and raised in the vast lands of Queens, New York, and over time, I’ve developed a fiery passion for photography, film, art, and production, and a mild obsession with hip-hop instrumentals and anything that has to do with science fiction. My short term goals are to eventually work at a media/production company to help make videos, movies and TV, and in the long term I want to make a TV show and publish a novel and photography book. The world is a massive place, and since I’m an explorer at heart, this year at The Buzz
I’ll be photoblogging about the various places, events, and hidden gems that New York and its neighboring states have to offer.

My desired blog theme is to share my travels and exploration around New York, Philly and Maryland through photography. I love going to places to experience and learn new things, and my goal is for the readers of this blog to learn through my experiences. I want to give readers a chance to live vicariously through an adventurer. Everything and everyone has a story, and through photography, it is my hope that you learn something new or expand on knowledge you already have. a smiling young man in a jean jacket airplane view of the city

Does MTA Hate Us?

a pile of metro cards

Well it’s that time again…..the MTA has once again raised the cost of a MetroCard, by 25 cents. Meaning, a single ride will go from $2.50 to $2.75.

But the news gets worse. The weekly MetroCard will go up an entire $1 from $30 to $31, while the monthly MetroCard will increase from $112 to $116.50.

As someone that’s a full time student, and works, I rely heavily on the MTA. And while 25 cents or a whole $1 doesn’t sound much, it adds up!!! A good chunk of my paycheck will now be going to the MTA……then again that’s probably exactly what they want. They obviously don’t have the people’s best interest in mind, with all these increases.

But wait, the MTA has blessed us with so called “good” news. Bonuses will increase to 11 percent for every $5.50 spent!!! Currently, riders get 5% bonus for every $5 spent. Now doesn’t that make up for ANOTHER fare hike….

The hike will take effect on March 22, so we have a little over a month to get ready  and start preparing our wallets.

At this point, I think it’ll just be easier to buy a car….