New Year, Better You

list of new year's resolutions

Image by: Crystal Collins

While the New Year forces many to think about the past year and personal changes that one wants to make for the next year, it challenges one to become a better version of themselves. The exact moment that the clock strikes midnight and the past year comes to an end while another begins, it creates this pandemonium for some to create resolutions or aspirations to be completed before the year’s end. This can be helpful to help many have achievements to pursue and anticipate throughout the year to feel a sense of accomplishment when the year is through… to ensure the efforts that were made as well as the activities or goals that were done. The importance of resolutions is that it allows one to create lists for the reasoning of improve oneself whether physically, emotionally, mentally, et cetera.

The most used resolution is either losing weight or having a healthier diet, the start of the New Year usually marks for a 365-day, occasionally 366-day, deadline to embark on a personal journey to accomplish the resolutions that one has set for themselves. Many New Yorkers eat on the go to save on time and money which forces them to seek the most available food options that normally consists of fast food or junk food items. While this option is cost-efficient, it is not the healthiest but the convenience of fast food and junk food in terms of its availability and budget-friendly prices aid in its success in America.

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Soylent is a company which sells an array of food replacement drinks or snacks for consumers to purchase for a healthier food option. It eliminates the stress of wondering what food option would be best to eat while it does not house any other temptations. It can be a struggle at times to eat healthy when there are countless food temptations around that are far more enticing to consume. Each of its products has the necessary nutrients to constitute of having a balanced, healthy meal such as with a blend of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and micronutrients. The products come in a powder form that can be added as a flour substitute or as a protein powder as well as four different flavored drinks which are vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and nectar.

Personally, as a college student, I find that I have such little time to fit in eating a meal between my classes and homework that a meal replacement such as Soylent would truly be a haven to allow me to still have a meal without the hassle of trying to schedule eating into my already hectic routine.

Comment below with some resolutions that you may have for 2017.

Diary of a Former Nomad: New Years Resolution–Don’t Have One!

Happy New Year Techies!

Every New Year since I could remember I have always set a resolution whether it be that I would eat better or study more, but every year I always fall. I would either lose steam by the time February rolled around or I would just give in to pure temptation. And every year I would in some small way feel disappointed in myself and let’s be honest that is no way to feel in a new year when all efforts are being poured into staying positive. So, for whatever reason it might have been I told myself that in this new year I wasn’t going to set a resolution because I just wanted to live and take life as I came to me.

Now you may be saying well that by itself is a resolution and in some way it is, but in another sense I am not setting myself up for failure. Every year I put a new creed into action and it never falls all the way through so this year I just plan on adjusting to life as it comes. Now don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean that I do not have goals for the year which I do, but a resolution, no. I am putting my efforts into smaller short term goals that will positively affect my long term goals. Setting a goal for the week instead a year is more fruitful. Give yourself time to grow and give yourself the time needed. Life isn’t a race! I think we often forget that life is for living and its about making each moment count.

So in 2017 lets adjust to the idea that life happens both bad and good, and it is the idea of how we handle it that matters. It is how we treat ourselves that will in fact mirror how we treat others. Be kind, be thoughtful, be smart, and humble, and content with the fact that no matter how little you may have it is more than someone else might. Be proud of yourself for how far you have come  but realize that the journey is only half done. Take 2017 for the open book that it can be and be prepared to write the most epic chapter of your life. I know I am!