A Valentine’s For Everyone

miniature eye-view of the lost man creek exhibit

Have you ever taken a hike before? You feel like you’re the only one on the planet. As if you, somehow, left behind all civilization to find something that wasn’t really that hidden; you find yourself. What if, instead of being alone with mother nature, you were accompanied by someone? Perhaps, a significant other, a friend, or family member. Would you still feel alone? Or would you relish in the overtaking feeling of secluded bliss? In which, the world is endlessly you’re personal playground and you’re not only self-aware, but you are also conscious of the other person (or people) you are with. Our innate sense of busyness tends to divide our entire thought process. Thus, making it difficult to connect with one topic at a time. But given ample time and conducive environment, everyone has the ability to shake loose of all our daily demands and focus on the things that normally get forgotten.

a view over-looking the lost man creek exhibit

There is something to help you drift away from the busy New York City culture and indulge in something more natural. Sometimes, it’s the little (pun intended) things that can relax us. Inside Metrotech lies an art piece called “Lost Man Creek” created by, Connecticut born artist, Spencer Finch. It is a miniature version of the Redwood National Park located in California. According to The Public Art Fund, Finch scaled down the 790 acre patch of land into a tiny topographical version. The scale of the mini-forest is about 1:100, making 100-400 foot Redwood trees to only be comparable in mere inches; ranging from 12” to 48”.

a sign for the lost man creek exhibita side view of the lost man creek exhibit
It’s reign of display is reaching its imminent conclusion soon. By next month the future of this public art piece is undetermined. So if you haven’t seen it yet or have seen it and thoroughly enjoy it, get your last visits in now; before it’s too late. The next time you visit the Metrotech Center to satisfy your desperate cravings for Chipotle or that Five Guys burger you’ve been thinking about all day, try taking a little time for yourself to be alone with your thoughts. On a day like today – regardless if you are single, in a relationship, or in something quite complicated – self admiration is key. a tiny house inside the lost man creek exhibit

A leaf for your thoughts

Breathe In, breathe out, college-life has been stressful lately. With so much going on in daily life, I found myself quickly overwhelmed. I thought to myself “ why isn’t everything going as planned? Why am I losing so much time?” Then it hit me, I was overwhelming myself with just thoughts rather than taking action. We’ve all faced a time in our lives where we hit rock bottom, or we’ve had issues maintaining balance within our stressful lives: here’s where you say STOP! and find peace where you can calm down and collect your thoughts. My recommendation? Queens Botanical Garden!

Queens Botanical Garden
Photographer: Gennessy Palma

With so much going on in my life, I decided I needed a change of scenery. This was the place to go, with so many species of flowers and life. I realized I needed space to calm down and relieve myself, in order to feel reassurance of myself and what I’m doing, and there’s nothing wrong with that, to feel uneasy or unassured of what your next step is and to fear what’s to come. In the end we are human; we feel, we stress. For me I get anxious but nature alleviates that, it’s even proven by researchers that nature has mental health benefits.

Queens Botanical Garden
Photographer: Gennessy Palma

Tori Rodriguez, MA, LCP stated that “ As humans become less connected with nature, we lose an essential health buffer. “ In her article she also quoted Mardie Townsend PhD, a professor of health and social development at Deakin University. PhD Townsend says “ It is associated with reduced levels of stress — which also has huge ramifications for physical health, reduced levels of depression and anxiety, increased resilience, increased engagement with learning for children and adolescents otherwise disengaged from the education system, improved self-esteem and increased capacity to engage socially.” In other terms, we need nature to thrive and succeed in life, the city life isn’t always the highlight, ever had these same pressing emotions??? That goes to you as well freshman, I understand life can be complex, balancing college and things at home, it’s all new to you, and is a heavy responsibility. Keep in mind, that in the end it gets easier, but you have to allow yourself some time to de-stress and find a way to balance yourself, as I balance myself with nature. I’m sure you can too, what’s there to lose? One can only gain from this experience, so the next time you feel the need to just let loose, try what I do! Give nature a chance!

Model: Lokendra Singh
Photographer: Gennessy Palma

Beauties of the Hudson River Valley

The Hudson River Valley is home to some of the most beautiful scenery that New York has to offer, especially during the fall season. Before I came to City Tech, I used to go to college in Upstate New York. Never taking a moment for granted, I always appreciated my time there. Being in a rural town amongst the mountains was a nice change from being in an urban city amongst giant skyscrapers. The air, colors, mountains, flora, and atmosphere are all quite the opposite of everything we see down in the city. It’s a beautiful area, but personally it’s the friendships and memories that call for my occasional return to the Hudson River Valley. Here’s what I had the pleasure of seeing during my last trip.


a mountain top on a foggy day

orange mountains lit in sunlight

fuchsia and green leaves, up-close

a sun-lit fieldorange and dark purple leaves, close-up