Historically, I have never been good at endings. While singer Sam Smith claims to be “too good at good-byes”, I for one am not. When it has come to breaking up with someone, instead of outright saying I wanted it to be over, I would just stay in the situation. Or maybe I would try to do something upsetting to cause them to end it instead (that never worked lol, and also just isn’t nice at all).

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I would be the same when it was time for me to leave my job; I would hesitate to say something until the last minute. I’ve always never wanted to disappoint or hurt someone by leaving so I would always be anxious and avoid it as much as I could.
So I really have just had quite a bad history lol. That’s history though, I do things right now.

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When I joined the Buzz team a year ago, I figured I would just be writing things similar to what I enjoy in the blogs I read. I didn’t know the process behind it, but I was oh so ready to learn and conquer. I genuinely feel like that’s what I have done over this past year. The Buzz team is one of the most empowering teams I have ever been a part of. A diverse all-woman team of artists, intellectuals, nature lovers, care free spirits, and an overall sense of community and care. I say this to say that this will be my last blog post but I do not leave this job behind me. The lessons I have learned about myself, my writing, my voice, and my message will carry with me forever. I hope my posts have been able to uplift, motivate, empower, and comfort you, as that is what is has done for me writing them.

Interestingly enough, before I switched career goals I actually wanted to be an English teacher. I had a passion for writing, especially fictional stories, and I thought that’s what I was going to be. I later found love for helping people and decided on Human services but being with the Buzz brought me back to that place where I loved writing and found it therapeutic. That is a feeling I will miss. The moments when an idea jumps in my head and I think “That’s definitely going in my next post!”

To my readers, whether you have been with me for a while or this is your first post, goodbyes are not as final as you may think. Yes you may be closing a chapter, or losing contact with someone or something that has been constant in your life, but experiences never die. In a goodbye think of the good times. Think of the bad times and what they taught you, and how they may have made you stronger.

As I say goodbye to The Buzz, I say Thank you to the team, to the administrators Jill, Jody, and Syelle for the opportunity, the memories, the experience, and the wisdom gained.

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When I came to City Tech as a transfer, making friends, any extracurriculars, nothing of the sort was on my mind. I wanted to come and finish my degree and go but The Buzz has made City Tech feel like a home for me and I thank you all for that. I wish you all the best!!


Love Love Love Love Neffi, Over and Out…..

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The Finish Line

Good Morning!!! Today marks several finish lines for me.
(1) It’s the official last day of my semester,
(2) it also marks the beautiful finish to my first successful semester with The Buzz Blog!
When I first started, I had no idea where to really begin and how to organize my thoughts into things that would make sense to you guys reading it.
You can kind of compare the way my creative brain works to that last minute of popcorn popping in the microwave. You think it’s done and then there’s that solo *POP* out of nowhere and you’re like “Oh! I guess it’s not done” lol. That’s how my ideas work, I think I’m all settled and decided and then I’m like “Oh wait what about this instead?! Let’s change the whole thing and start over”.

Throughout this process of improving and growing, I have learned so much about channeling the message, and even when it feels like it is about to gear off a bit, finding a way to make the underlying message clear. I hope that you have taken away whatever message was meant for you, in that moment, while reading my posts. Namaste!

So last week I told you guys to keep pushing for your goals (Be a GOALDigger!), and to keep striving for the things that help you define success and happiness in your lives. There’s no greater feeling than living your best life, or at least knowing you’re on your way there. In my group dynamics class, which focuses on leading groups: from support groups, educational groups, self- help groups, etc, I was asked to create an icebreaker that promotes and challenges self actualization. I want to share the icebreaker with you because all of the things that I’ve talked about in this blog this semester from self love, to self care, to self discovery, they all really focus on how much you know about you, and how in tune you are with yourself and your feelings.

The icebreaker is named The “I Know Me” Checklist and it’s actually not a checklist, but a sentence completion exercise (Don’t ask..a checklist is going down a list so it works). It is 12 sentences meant to be answered in the morning, or maybe at the beginning of your week to take time to do some self reflection, encourage yourself, and also goal setting. Positive self talk is one of the driving factors of happiness and well being. As human beings we’re constantly talking to ourselves whether it’s actually outloud, or the things we are thinking internally, and this dialogue directly affects our confidence and self-esteem.
So why not make it as positive as it can be??

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When you get the chance, check out the “checklist” and go through it yourself now if you can, completing the sentences with the first (positive) response that comes to mind.
Or save it for tonight before bed, whenever you can be clear to enter a free cognitive space. Reflect on the thoughts and feelings it brings to light.
How does the answers make you feel? Think differently?

Please feel free to go through this checklist or even create your own to use as motivation and a reality check for you. Maybe you have a moment where you just need to feel better about yourself. Maybe you need to realign and figure out what your next steps are and what your goals are. Maybe you just need to create a mantra and routine. Exercises like these are beneficial to your relationship with YOU.
There’s no one on earth we spend more time with than ourselves.
I don’t know about you but I need that relationship to be A1!
Like the quote in the picture says:
“A negative mind cannot produce a positive life. Speak your happiness into existence!”

Happy holidays and Happy winter break to you all!
With Lotsssss of Loveeeeee,
maybe too much love,
like overwhelming “Grandma get off my cheeks I’m grown now” love,


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