Blogging Events Effectively

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Last Tuesday, I attended the International Youth Leadership Assembly (IYLA) at the United Nations and the whole time I thought about blogging the event. However I felt I couldn’t create the post last week. Although I uploaded images on social media, I had to leave an hour early to make a meeting with charter school to be a possible affiliate for my organization. I really had to go and did not get to experience the IYLA event fully. And therefore I was stuck.

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Of course I could have just uploaded the images I took and wrote on the speakers I did see or parts I did partake in. However, I felt I would not capture it fully and effectively, being that I missed on on substantial parts. Of course I could have took it into a different direction and spoke on the IYLA organization that led the program and the message of “Moral and Innovative Leadership: Vision, Service & Entreprenuership.

Therefore (a week later), I am writing how to capture events effectively.

  1. Stay for the Duration: You should stay for the duration in order to capture everything with imagery and/or with notes.This will also give you a first hand look and ability to connect with what or whomever you need to.
  2. Bring a Friend: I know you may not be able to get two tickets or press releases but try. If its a free for all bring someone to accompany you. Two heads are better than one. While one person is taking pictures, the other is taking notes. While one person is networking the other is making announcements. While one person is bobbing for apples the other is capturing the moment. 😉
  3. Take Images: If a scene can not be found on the internet or its unique to the event, make sure you take your own image. If possible hiring a photography, lol, or just bring a friend. Its always best to have original imagery when speaking on events.
  4. Take Notes: Although you think you’ll remember, when its time to write your blog certain facts or instances will be forgotten. For example I had to try and look up the presenters at the past IYLA event and some topics before I could write the blog that didn’t get published. 🙁 Have a system on notes, try not to just write everything all over the place. Organize your notes.
  5. Have a Focus: What were the special topics that sum up the event. For example: was it about empowering or networking and what took place to show that.

Blogology: Have fun!

While technically there are blogging jobs writing a blog shouldn’t necessarily feel like one. The old saying goes “ if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life” and it’s pretty spot on. If you don’t love blogging, or writing in general, then the experience wont be fun for you and that will translate into your writing. It’s easy to see when someone wrote something because they had to and while you might not have a choice at work you absolutely do with a personal blog.


Like I’ve mentioned before write about something you know and love or about something you’re learning to do and share your experiences doing so but whatever it is should make you happy on and off the blog. Some people write how to or food blogs other people write parenting or lifestyle blogs but regardless of the topic it is one that is close and important to them. Here are three ways to have fun and make your blog interesting and upbeat,

Have guest bloggers

Sometimes its fun to compare and contrast two styles of writing or viewpoints and readers might appreciate the change of pace. Be sure though that you proofread and discuss with your guest the limits and do’s and don’ts of your blog, you don’t want to lose readers.

Do interviews

Instead of just writing from the first person maybe take your topic and interview someone who has been through it too. For example if you’re going to write about changing jobs or interning experience try to interview someone who’s done it before.

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Visual elements are key because people are more likely to click on links with interesting and well-shot photos. If your topic is pretty straight forward, like this one, pick a unique and interesting thumbnail for it.

Writing is a passion for many people and when they choose to write in their spare time it’s often online now days so exposure is much easier. Enjoying what you’re writing about is so important and baring writing for work writing on your own blog opens endless doors of possibility. For some ideas on how to start a blog or refresh your current on check out my previous posts this summer.

Blogology: Standing out

Now days every time you open up you computer you’re inundated with blogs and vlogs and everything in between but with so much volume how do you make your work stand out? Well as discussed previously you need to secure things like your theme, posting schedule and word choice but there are other ways to be unique to your readers and potential audience.

Personal Touch

When somebody you know personally reads something from you it’s likely that they notice your style of writing and personal details and appreciate them. Similarly regular readers of your blog will become familiar with your writing and come to enjoy your touches of personality in each post. So even if you’re writing about a familiar subject or a broad topic your personal touches add a new spin and a fresh view.


Speak in the first person

When you choose to speak third person or from a distanced point of view the post lacks a personal or real life connection. Writing from a place of experience or sincerity will show and will resonate with readers to hopefully come back for future posts.


Cliff Hangers

When you title your posts and write a few sentences about it you should always use descriptive and intriguing language. Make the audience interested enough to read along but don’t give enough away where they wont read the entire post.

Whenever we do something that is the at the moment thing like blogging we strive to be the best and to get recognition for our efforts. It doesn’t happen over night and it takes a fair amount of dedication to do, but it is doable. If you’re committed and passionate about your writing it will show. For more tips and tricks check out my previous blog posts or follow me on twitter!

Tips for the Successful Blogger

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Image by: martin.canchola

When building a blog, there are numerous aspects to consider when writing each post. In my last post, I shared tips for audience engagement but this week’s post, I want to discuss the writing aspect a tad more and how to be a successful blogger. Ultimately, it takes time to become a successful writer but these tips are designed to help you achieve your goals not only as a writer but as a blogger.

You must begin building relationships with fellow bloggers, this will enable you to have an open-mind to how others write and what they choose to write about to appeal their readers. This can be more explicitly used with the use of social media by sharing blogging posts and not only understanding how others write in the respected theme that they have chosen to write about but others who write about an array of other topics as it can help you become a better writer by having a broader perspective in blogging.

Formatting is especially important when writing a blog post as it can easily attract more readers if done correctly. This can consist of bullet points when naming an unofficial list or numbering as well as putting certain text in bold font in your post so it shows the significance of it in the post’s entirety. Add images to your post to better enhance the theme of the post. The use of appropriate images allows for your written words to be better supported by way of an image that helps to break up long texts by photographs to encourage readers to read the entire post instead of only skimming through or reading half of it because it became monotonous or too lengthy.

Finally, as a fellow blogger, I suggest that you have fun with every post that you write no matter how serious or funny, each post reaches someone in a way you may have never expected so just be yourself, be original, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Blogology 101: Blogging about hot topics

As bloggers we often stick to our theme or genre when we write but occasionally our genre crosses paths with a hot topic or current events issue. Now you can either refrain from acknowledging it at all or you can add your commentary to the situation using your blog. However when you blog about a sensitive or hot button issue you need to go about it in a diplomatic and respectful way, you never want to come off as ignorant, bashing or uneducated. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing about something that’s heavily debated.


  1. Eliminate bias or harsh criticism from the tone of your writing

It’s easy to get carried away or passionate when you write about something, especially something close to you. It’s crucial however, that you don’t let that leak into your writing because readers will either be turned off or overwhelmed by your opinion being thrown at them. Let your feelings be known but do it passively.

  1. Acknowledge that your opinion is not the only one

It’s only natural to have an opinion about something but a good writer can acknowledge their own point of view as well as the views of others without bashing or belittling them. Instead try viewing the topic through multiple lenses so your readers get an even palate and your audience is wider.

  1. Facts, facts, facts

The worst thing you can do is fudge information or twist the information from its source. It’s always best to use multiple sources and wait a day or two so the validity of the information can be verified over. If readers feel like they’ve been given bad information they’ll be less likely to return to your blog.


Whenever we write our personal style and touches shine through, that’s what makes our blogs unique, but it’s important that you fine-tune that so that your blog attracts a vast and diverse audience. You’re more likely to get better feedback and a wider following when people from multiple avenues like and share your work. Also remember being able to see multiple angles of something makes you more of an asset to a company who might want to hire you as a writer.