A) After reading the AIGA guidelines on design, photography, illustration, and copyright I learned to place a higher value on design.  A good designer can be an essential part of building a brand and ultimately the success of a business. The guidelines were created to protect designers and maintain the integrity of their works. The guide also gives information on how to cover all the bases, ask questions and overall uphold the profession in an ethical manner. Before reading the AIGA guidelines, I knew plagiarizing work of any kind was wrong. In the past, when I have been inspired by a work I’ve always stated which piece I was looking at and the artist’s name.

B) Going into the Shepard Fairey case, I believe he’s lucky he didn’t end up in jail but his reputation is compromised.  Mistaking one photo for another is something that could happen to anyone but, engaging in a cover-up is something Fairey chose to do. He never thought about the repercussions or consequences of his actions for his client and himself. The case may have settled with AP and Fairey sharing the rights for the “Hope” poster but how can he ever be trusted again?