images: Self-Made

Being that I work remotely, I have not had the pleasure of attending a company event or working face to face with my coworkers or supervisor. I have, however, been keeping up to date with the recent events and developments within the organization via social media. In the last few weeks, I have been working on a logo project in which I was asked to reproduce the company logo in the color schemes of various countries. I later found out from a Facebook Live announcement, that the company was expanding to Malawi, South East Africa and Mumbai, India. I was also excited to see that the logos I had worked on were being used to celebrate the announcement. Continuing to watch the video, I listened to my supervisor speaking about the new President appointed to the Malawi expansion. He also had some advice for the viewers looking to make a difference in the world. He said, “if you debate on how to help the many, you’ll never make the effort to help the one”. In other words, any small contribution can make a difference if someone makes the effort. It can be any person at all, but we must allow ourselves to be used as instruments for change to make things happen. I felt inspired and renewed in my purpose as a practicing designer and I intend to continue working with this non-profit organization after my internship hours are completed.