A) For my internship, I’ve been working with Unity for Equality in the Digital and Design Department. One of my assignments includes a monthly newsletter, which I research and fill with content related to the holidays and events for that month.  In my research, I’ve noticed that many magazines and articles source their images with copyright indicating where the image comes from or who created it. Carrying this information over to the newsletter, I cite the source by leaving the links to the original article and images.

B) When I was hired I met with the owner and chairman of Unity for Equality to sign paperwork.  Keeping this assignment in mind, I asked my supervisor if there was a non-disclosure agreement that I would need to sign. He explained that because Unity for Equality is a non-profit organization there was no non-disclosure agreement but, all work-related transactions should be handled through the channels supplied by the company. He created a work email, Whatsapp group chat, and a digital planner to keep track of assignments. He also went on to explain that after my internship concluded the work I’ve done would be collected on a drive. I would have to ask permission to have access to the files for my portfolio.