Design for Good: School to Prison Pipeline

In the Design for Good Project, the objective was to choose a topic under the theme of civic engagement and social impact then follow steps to provide a visual design solution. During this process, I chose the broad topic of School to Prison Pipeline which is the direct or indirect push out of students from public schools into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. My goal was to emphasize the role of school administrators (principals, vice-principals,  school staff, etc) and how they have a choice on enforcing the zero-tolerance policies that disproportionately affect black, brown, disabled and LGBTQ students. My solution was to create a campaign that poses the victims of the system in black and white with statistics explaining how their future is affected. I created a logo for my organization called Students Initiative to tackle the pipeline. The campaign would be posters and billboards on subways, buses, and online platforms to increase viewership and the likelihood that commuters to schools would see it. Whether these commuters were school staffers, parents or students the visuals would open the dialog to the school administration to change the policies and end the pipeline.

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Senior Project Proposal: Crisis of Missing Black Children

The objective of this paper was to take the steps followed in the Design for Good Project and propose a topic for Senior Project next semester. I chose to write my paper on the “Crisis of Missing Black Children” because it does not get enough media attention in America. Media outlets constantly indulge in black culture for entertainment, fashion, music, and other trends but yet families constantly struggle to get any recognition when a black or brown child is reported missing. These children are often labeled as runaways and therefore get less attention than their white counterparts. My solution is to campaign to media outlets and streaming services like BET, Vh1, Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube to get more screen time and reach audiences that may not subscribe to cable.

senior project paper