Web Design I – Zodiac Collection Portfolio

Process Page
Tablet/Mobile version


I want to showcase my cartoon illustrations and photography skills for my portfolio website. My work focuses on female cartoon portraits, fan art, and fashion. The homepage will be a gallery of my photographed illustrations. When the user hovers over or clicks on an image, the link will take them to a separate page that shows the step-by-step process and a video of the sketching process for that particular project. The website will also have an About Me page, and a Contact Me page in the navigation bar. The footer will contain links to my social media accounts.


This project allowed me to showcase my work to a broader audience and attract new clients. A website is a great way to demonstrate my skills and portfolio, and it can also serve as a central hub for all of my design work. Additionally, having a website can establish my credibility as a designer and increase my professional presence online. It can also provide a platform for me to share my design process and ideas with others, potentially inspiring others and fostering connections within the design community. Overall, building a website can be a valuable tool for any designer looking to further their career and share their work with the world.