Role Model/Mentors at Work (#7)


Amazing things can happen when motivated and talented individuals who share a common passion come together. They provide inspiration, go beyond limits, and maintain focus on goals. It’s not solely about motivation; they also bring fresh ideas and perspectives that foster personal and professional growth. Collaboration becomes effortless, creating a solid team that enhances creativity and productivity. Collective achievements surpass what can be accomplished alone.

This internship has been fantastic. Our team meetings are full of valuable insights and positive results. Even though we have different roles, we always support one another, fostering a harmonious and cooperative environment. We have moderators assigned to each position and two mentors with whom we communicate and meet weekly. They recognize that some of us have limited experience in the field, so they make sure we’re never alone and provide us with the necessary support.

Initially, I felt intimidated by my role, but luckily, I had a partner who joined me as a strategist. They assisted me in brainstorming ideas. We scheduled meetings and worked together to bring our ideas to fruition. Having someone willing to sit down, listen to my jumbled thoughts, and help construct theories was valuable.

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