Self Evaluation (#6)


Many people often claim that taking an unpaid summer internship is a terrible choice, insisting it’s draining and a waste of time. However, it was a pivotal moment in my career as a designer. It was the first time I seriously considered a non-paid summer internship, which was significant for my professional growth. This experience has greatly expanded my network, granting me numerous opportunities to connect with professionals in the industry. Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with highly skilled individuals and working with clients who have significantly enhanced my growth as a designer.

Entering the world of advertising and marketing, I became a strategist for the first time. Initially lacking confidence, I persevered through hard work and persistence. Improving my communication skills and fostering effective teamwork became priorities. I realized the value of collaborating with a competent and supportive group rather than struggling alone.

As a strategist, I discovered there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to planning. Each person has a unique strategy. As long as it made sense, I kept the ultimate goal and consistency in mind. However, presenting a clear plan to clients in a way that resonated with them proved to be a challenge.

Working with my team, we effectively shared and combined our ideas to create a clear and concise deck. This experience as a strategist has provided me with valuable skills and ignited my interest in pursuing a career in advertising. As I continue to practice and explore this field, I am gravitating toward a path in advertising.

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