Engaging in Remote Work (#3)


Ever since the pandemic hit, remote work has become the new normal for many people in different companies, including myself. As a resident of Texas, I have been able to work and attend classes from the comfort of my own home. This semester marks my first fully remote experience with advantages and disadvantages.

Now, for my internship, the situation is quite similar, except that I am now in a professional working environment. Having such a motivating and enthusiastic team to work with feels like a dream come true. This is my first internship that is entirely remote. Regarding the dress code, we aim to balance formality and informality. Client meetings require professional attire, while workshop meetings are business casual.

All our meetings take place on Zoom, and we set aside two days a week specifically for discussions with the moderators and the rest of the team. It’s usually two hours. We schedule other necessary conferences throughout the week or even on weekends, collaborating as a cohesive team. The flexibility of online classes and the remote internship has saved me considerable time, as I no longer have to worry about commuting interfering with my work or assignment completion. Zoom has proven to be an easy and convenient tool, allowing us to quickly exchange information from wherever we may be.

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