About The Organization (#1)


This semester, I have the privilege of interning with a public, nonprofit organization that is a dynamic platform for fostering connection, collaboration, and growth among people of color in the advertising industry. It is a much-needed space that acknowledges and addresses the challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds who often feel marginalized or overlooked within the industry. Within this platform, people of color can find a sense of strength and community and valuable inspiration for their journeys in advertising.

The organization stands as a central hub, specifically catering to the needs of underrepresented professionals in advertising, marketing, media, and public relations. One of their remarkable initiatives focuses on the growth and development of young individuals in underserved communities. Through this program, they strive to provide essential resources such as access to education, mentorship, internships, and scholarships. Additionally, they offer valuable professional development opportunities through workshops and training sessions.

They have developed a unique program where members and special guests within this program share their expertise and teach essential lessons. Participants in the program have the unique opportunity to apply these lessons by creating branding solutions for a real-life nonprofit client. This practical experience helps them develop their skills and equips them with the ability to adapt to the new world that emerged after the coronavirus pandemic.

This nonprofit organization empowers individuals of color within the advertising industry. By providing a supportive space, access to resources, and growth opportunities, they are actively working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable landscape in advertising.

Divided into two teams, each member assumes a specific role. In my case, I am the Strategist, while other positions include Account Management, Art Director, Copywriter, Production, and Project Management. We all work together to build a campaign for our client.

They have successfully produced ten televised commercials for nonprofit organizations. Their alumni network consists of one hundred twenty members from around the world. These commercials have garnered a remarkable 20 million impressions, reaching a broad audience. Furthermore, their efforts have raised $500 worth of free media for these nonprofit causes.


After researching the nonprofit organization through its website and social media, I found an article that interviewed the organization’s founder of the organization. The article “Why did the nonprofit run a mentorship program to help people 40-plus get back into advertising,” Discuss the ageism problem in the advertising industry, particularly for professionals over 40. To address this issue, a mentorship program was developed for individuals over 40 in advertising. The program lasted 12 weeks and paired mentees with junior and senior mentors from various agencies and brands.

The program aimed to boost the mentees’ chances of getting hired. Mentees received guidance, advice, and different perspectives from their mentors throughout the program. Weekly check-ins provided additional support. The program resulted in increased confidence and improved job prospects for the mentees. Following the program, the mentees are now interviewing at agencies, pursuing creative certifications, and seeking internships and residencies to strengthen their portfolios.

They will also receive executive coaching sessions funded by the program to support their job search and professional development further.
The article emphasizes the importance of mentoring and encourages the advertising industry to reconsider ageist hiring practices. It highlights the value individuals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences can bring to the industry. The mentorship program aims to bridge the gap and provide opportunities for professionals over 40 to succeed in advertising.



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