Relating Internship to my course (#5)


One thing I learned quickly in this world is that no matter in what field or career someone’s in, there’s always going to be a point when people have to work alongside others and communicate. Being a designer and working in a group in the advertising industry can be an exciting and rewarding experience as well as an exhausting one. In advertising, designers play a crucial role in creating visually appealing and effective communication materials that help convey messages to target audiences.

Designers often collaborate with copywriters, art directors, account executives, and clients. Working in a group allows designers to exchange ideas, gather different perspectives, and leverage each team member’s diverse skills and expertise. Collaboration helps ensure the final design solutions are comprehensive, impactful, and aligned with the campaign objectives.

In my design team class, we organized ourselves into groups based on our strengths and assigned specific roles to ensure the project’s success. We worked on three distinct client projects and created a comprehensive pitch deck.

In our design class, the professor divided us into groups of three. Throughout the course, we worked on three different client projects. The first project involved rebranding the client’s logo and revamping their website. For the second client, we focused on constructing and designing a brochure. Lastly, our third project involved rebuilding the client’s website and creating a banner. Fortunately, a motivated team member worked alongside me on all three projects. We communicated and collaborated using Discord, commonly known for gaming but proved an effective business tool.

In general, the class is a success. In the past, I have not enjoyed working in groups due to previous experiences where I did most of the work while having lazy teammates. However, I’m having a great time collaborating with motivated and talented individuals for my internship.

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