A Typical Workday (#4)


Since our internship is conducted remotely, the main modes of communication are Zoom and Slack. During our official orientation meeting, the internship team provided a PDF file containing the June, July, and August calendar. This document serves as a blueprint outlining the tasks and responsibilities assigned to each group.

Our official meetings with everyone take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The schedule varies each week based on the calendar, and the majority of our work is carried out through offline collaboration or within team meetings.

After our central meetings, we as a team like to come together and write a timeline of what tasks are due for the following week. Since we are doing a campaign for the client, the first step in the creative process is ensuring we have constructed a successful strategy, so my partner and I set up meetings to lay out a format to present our ideas in a way that the client would understand. Then, we work with the art directors to develop concepts and video ideas.

Each week will bring about variations, and our tasks will change periodically. However, it is crucial that everyone contributes to this significant project and maintains a strong connection with the client.

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