Kiara Wright Observation on attention

Kiara Wright
intro to psych 1101
There are many people who ay seem like they are paying attention to there surroundings, but little do they know that that’s not always true. Certain times they would something called filtering out there surroundings and not even notice doing it. For an example: there could these two people fighting and someone walked by with noticing and they just keep walking. There could be another person that would come up to them and ask “did you see the fight that was just going on across the street?” the person would say “no”. The thing how couldn’t that person notice the fight going on across the street? It could be that the person didn’t care about it. But that’s not the case is it now. What happened was that the person was walking and just filtered out all the distractions and just continued walking. So the person wouldn’t have noticed it. There was another example: I was watching Criminal Minds and in this episode there was a lady that went into a gun store and bought a gun . She then tried to refill it . Without noticing while doing that she dropped a bullet on the floor. What happened was that she filtered out the fact that she dropped one and continuing loading the gun. The thing about her situation is that about two years ago her and her son got into a car accident and when she got to the hospital she was saying you have to help him but the son die. So because of that incident no one pay attention to the boy that died and gave the hero’s all the attention. so she gave revenge because she think no one cares.

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  1. You set the stage nicely by providing some background information as an introduction. That’s a good idea in general.

    I’m happy that someone has finally – yours is the first I have encountered in looking over the postings – provided an example from a TV or movie. I think it works, though in a case like this it would be good to say a bit more about what it is that caused the woman to fail to notice that she’d dropped the bullet. It might be that she was so focused on doing one thing, but you should tell us what that was. Since it’s also possible, from what you write, that she did notice the bullet dropping but simply decided to get herself off and away, you should say why you think that wasn’t the case.

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