Angela Gonzalez – Observation on attention.

As mention in class, children don’t filter out information thus, their span of attention is not big. Since I work a lot with children, this week I’ve been taking a closer look at how they react in different circumstances in reference to their attention. Indeed children of 2 to 3 years old seemed to be easily distracted by small things. This week I was taking care of a 3 years old girl that is really active at all times. She is gotten used to going through my bag every time I get to her house, which is fine with me. But this time I’d forgotten I had a bag of Skittles in it and she went crazy for them. I gave her some but she wanted to keep eating the whole bag; first, I am not allowed to give her any candy, and second it was too late for her to be eating them. Thus, I took the candy away from her, for which she made a scene, and I brought watercolors to her to her attention, as painting is one of the things she loves to do the most. She easily calmed down and changed her attitude as if nothing had happened. Yet, every time she would see my bag she would remember the Skittles and the whole cycle would start again. However, something that I’ve noticed is that with children from 6 and up it gets much harder to trick them into driving their attention to something different than what they want.

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